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T10 Ltd recognise the advantage of children participating in sports activities from as young as 2 years of age!

T10 provide a range of services to cater for all of your school's sporting needs as one provider or to improve/compliment the provision already in place. T10's wide variety of services are provided to state funded school's, independent school's and academy school's. T10 provide three core subjects: Football/Futsal, Gymnastics and Allsports however our specialist team do not shy away from bespoke packages for our client's as our team are multi skilled/qualified and understand not every school have the same requirement's. T10 services include:

- Before & after school care clubs

- Extra currcular clubs : Breakfast club, lunch club, after school club 

- PPA Cover 

- Holiday camps



- Facility hire for yoru school *Subject to an agreement and dependent on the service

- Delivery of physical education 

- Designated days and times to maintain a weekly routine

- Three observations each academic year of all T10 Coaches

- School services held term time only 

- School Year specific groups are recommended 

- Coach to child ratio recommendation 1-16 

- Certificates of acheivement or a reward sticker for each particpant termly


- Improved motor skills speed, balance and agility

- Try new sports and excel 

- Improved hand and eye coordination

- Improved confidence and communication

- Improved overall fitness and ability to take direction


A typical example of a course duration *Term time only - During school holiday's by request only

Term 1 - Autumn Term 2 - Spring Term 3 - Summer

Course: 10 - 12  weeks

Course: 10 - 12 weeks Course: 10 - 12 weeks


Information Forms, Online/Telephone Booking's, Payment's and Funding Option's

Way's to offer and fund T10's services within your school setting. 

Option 1 - School Funded through teh sports premium or set aside school funds *The school funds 100% of the activity, paying via invoice monthly or termly. The school will manage which children participate weekly and inform T10. T10 offer generous discount's to school's who fund our services when booking back to back classes. 

Option 2 - Parent Funded *Parent's fund 100% of the activity, paying termly via our online system or via phone. Zero admin/hassle for school client's, T10 manage all booking's and register's.

Option 3 - Shared Funding *The school pays a percentage of the cost and asks parents to subsidise the remaining fees on a termly basis paying the school directly. It is the schools decision on what percentage to contribute.


New Client's

Every T10 Client will be provided with an agreement and various important information/documentation from T10 Ltd prior to services commencing. 


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