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BE A 10! 

Welcome to the T10 Football classes area where you can choose from our range of SOLO, POD and POD PRO classes. 

Our classes offer the UK's best technical training programme using small ratio's of PODS (10 to 1), and if you require a more specialised service then our SOLO ( 1 to 1 ) classes will be your choice. 

You may ask , what is unique about T10 football classes? In a nutshell, T10 place quality of delivery with quality content to develop all areas of our players game. T10 have successfully signed over 75 youth players into pro academies throughout the South East of England - proof that our methods work. Alongside our academy signing's T10 enjoys coaching players of all abilities all year round who continue to progress with our coaching methods. 

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Do you want to contribute to the community? T10 run various youth projects in Surrey and rely on funding to make this possible. Why not donate? Any amount is really appreciated. Please click the following link to DONATE


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