Training Dates

Football Class Dates -  Academic Year September 2018 - July 2019

* No classes usually during the school holiday's however tournament's and camp training days will be held (Please note some classes may have to be held in the holiday's or at the end of term for catch up sesssions if any sessions are cancelled for whatever reason)

* All classes run for 10 weeks per term including: SOLO (1 to 1 ) , POD (10 to 1) and POD Pro (10 to 1 invite only) class types

* T10 Ltd load all football class dates on this page annually listing the academic year so parent's may plan ahead

* Please note Monday classes are effected by bank holiday's therefore please refer to table 1 for Monday classes and the table 2 for Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday classes. Notes about cancelled classes and changes to any scheudles are listed below the tables.

* THERE WILL BE NO TRAINING  IN THE MONTHS OF DECEMBER 2018, APRIL 2019 & AUGUST 2019. T10 X10 week courses will always run in the first three months of each school term from Sept 2018 to July 2019.


TABLE 1 - MONDAY CLASS DATES 2017 - 2018 Term 1 Autumn 2018 Term 2   Spring 2019 Term 3 Summer 2019
Start - Week Commencing   17.09.18  14.01.19   29.04.19

No Classes - Week Commencing   

 22.10.18  18.02.19



Finish - Week Commencing   26.11.18  25.03.19  15.07.19


TABLE 2 - TUES - SAT CLASS DATES 2017 - 2018 Term 1 Autumn 2017 Term 2 Spring 2018 Term 3 Summer 2018
Start - Week Commencing   17.09.18  14.01.19  29.04.19

No Classes - Week Commencing

 22.10.18  18.02.19  27.05.19
Finish - Week Commencing   26.11.17   25.03.19  08.07.19

*Please note the above dates are what T10 want to reschedule too however the facilities may change. T10 will update you via email, text and facebook if you are a parent who's child attends. If you have any queries regarding cancelled lessons please refer to our terms and conditions. Thank you.


Bank Holiday's 2017 - 2018 - 2019

United Kingdom (UK) 2017 2018 2019
Official, public bank holidays
New Year's Day 1st - 2nd January 1st January 1st January
Good Friday 14th April 30th March 19th March
Easter Monday 17th April 2nd April 22 April
Early May bank holiday 1st May 7th May 6th May
Spring bank holiday 29th May 28th May 27th May
Summer bank holiday 28th August 27th August 26th August
Christmas Day 25th December 25th December 25th December
Boxing Day, St Stephen's Day (off.)  26th December 26th December 26th December